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 Park Reservation for 7/19/14 Session

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Adam King

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PostSubject: Park Reservation for 7/19/14 Session   Wed Jul 09, 2014 5:18 pm

Permits for the Park Acquired. For those wondering: There is only one Picnic Shelter at Whirlpool State Park, so when you get there and park your car, you'll be looking at the Picnic Shelter.

For Directions: Take your best route to the Robert Moses Parkway. Take said Parkway all the way across Niagara Falls until you are driving past Whirlpool State Park. There is a sign telling you which driveway to enter directly from the Robert Moses. Park in the Parking Lot. Look ahead of you. There is the Shelter.

Also, while the park nominally closes at Dusk, I'd like to invite anyone and everyone to come on over to 1620 100th Street in Niagara Falls after the Picnic wraps up. I have a house there where no one currently lives with a fire pit in the backyard. I figure we can wind down the night with a bonfire and soft RP. BYOB / Food.


John Averill

Adam King
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PostSubject: Re: Park Reservation for 7/19/14 Session   Wed Jul 09, 2014 5:27 pm

Thanks for securing this site for us, John!
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Park Reservation for 7/19/14 Session
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