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 The Butcher's Bill, Battle of Niagara Falls - 10/2014

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The Butcher's Bill, Battle of Niagara Falls - 10/2014 Empty
PostSubject: The Butcher's Bill, Battle of Niagara Falls - 10/2014   The Butcher's Bill, Battle of Niagara Falls - 10/2014 EmptyWed Oct 22, 2014 7:18 pm

Kinfolk bodies are found scattered and broken in the area around Journey Behind the Falls. All were well armed, all clearly went down swinging.

Park Police
Dianne Kelley Silver Fang 37 Afghanistan Vet. Mother of three.
Willie Doyle Silent Strider 28 Iraq Vet, Poet
Tammy Clark Fianna 32 On Revitalizing Niagara Falls Committee
Josh Harrington Fianna 26 Catholic Lay Minister

Journey Behind the Falls / Maid of the Mists
Brandi Barton Fianna 15 Class of ‘17
Jean Muhmet Silent Strider 19 UB Student. Refugee from Congo
Jasmine Owen Uktena 18 Class of ’14 – Freshman at NU
Christian Paul Wendigo 22 Volunteered as a tourguide
Mary Young Child of Gaia 24 League of Legends Pro
Ruben Garza Glasswalker 35 2nd Chair Cellist for BPO
Kerry Spencer Glasswalker 53 Chemistry teacher
Angel Curtis Shadowlord 64 French, Vietnam era vet. Published philosopher
Kenny Parsons Get of Fenris 19 Para-Olympian
Pablo Logan Get of Fenris 21 Just returned from vacation in Norway
Sonia Klein Fianna 24 Just accepted to Purdue for grad school.
Annette Rhodes Uktena 34 Painter and singer
Tom Mckenzie Uktena 23 Grandson of Old Bull
Muriel Scott Wendigo 15 Class of ‘17
Andrew Parks Glasswalker 72 Vietnam Era Vet. Substitute Teacher.
Peggy Perez Fianna 41 World Record ceramic cat collection
Stewart Davis Child of Gaia 24 Cheerful pothead
Brandy Murphy Black Fury 18 Class of ’14. Freshman at NCCC
Otis Wilkins Black Fury 22 In Medical School.
Eduardo Cunningham Black Fury 28 All State – 200 Meter Hurdle.
Tracy Rodriquez Get of Fenris 18 Class of ’14. Valedictorian at Hutch-Tech HS

Warder Pack
Alric Abbreneza, Wendigo Metis Adren Ahroun.

The rest of the Guardian Pack actively avoided being known. It was their choice and the spirits honor it.
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The Butcher's Bill, Battle of Niagara Falls - 10/2014
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