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 Post Etiquette: Please Read

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PostSubject: Post Etiquette: Please Read   Sat Dec 06, 2014 1:04 pm

Folks, I'd like to recap post etiquette:

1. Please don't power-pose. When you pose doing something, please do not assume that it's successful, or assume an outcome. Give the other person a chance to react. It's okay to pose "Joe reaches out to grab hold of Bob." It's not okay to pose "Joe grabs Bob and shoves him up against a wall."

2. This also applies to "hit and run" posts. Please don't pose into a scene, act, and then pose OUT of the scene in the same post. That gives others no opportunity to respond to what you said/did, and that's not fair.

3. Please give people a reasonable amount of time to respond to posts. Remember, folks: a lot of people have only sporadic access to the forums. It can be very frustrating to get home from work only to see that the conversation has progressed a hundred times since your last opportunity to post.

Board RP can be frustratingly slow, but it's important to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to play. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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PostSubject: Re: Post Etiquette: Please Read   Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:05 pm

I'll speak to point two since I'm most recently guilty of it:

First, I'm sorry if Artie's semi-new aggressive RP is offensive or overly antagonistic. However, between the choices of Harano, leaving the sept or being an asshole for a little while as she works out her frustration, I think that being an asshole is the way to go so she can work through it and return to being the tiny little annoyance she usually is.

Given that, it's well within the actions of my PC to walk out on a conversation in which she's not contributing anymore. If a character wishes to respond to one of Artie's "hit and runs" all said PC needs to do is post that they'd like to respond. Artie may be an asshole, but she's an honest one, and will give people their say.

Also, if you're the unfortunate target of some rough play, as a player you are welcome to ask me, player to player, to stop. I will respect it. The MES encourages player comfort.
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PostSubject: Re: Post Etiquette: Please Read   Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:28 pm

I have no problem OOC with anything Quills said or did, all I ask to tone " And then I leave " down to " And then I turn to leave ".
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PostSubject: Re: Post Etiquette: Please Read   

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Post Etiquette: Please Read
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