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 A Messenger Spirit 3/8/15

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Dietrich Von Stauffel

Dietrich Von Stauffel

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PostSubject: A Messenger Spirit 3/8/15   Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:28 pm

*A messenger spirit of Falcon's Brood delivers this message with all due formality*

Warriors of Gaia,
A threat has been identified which affects all of us. An evil that was to some only a story to frighten cubs, has proven to be real and ready to strike. The Nightmaster, a fallen Garou, has joined himself with the powers of the Umbral Realm of the Abyss. using a number of means, including cells of strange servants, Wyrmhowlers, and Leeches, he intends to strike against the honored Celestine Helios during the upcoming solar eclipse, which also happens to coincide with the Equinox. The timing cannot be more relevant to the danger.

Several Garou across the Tribes including Sabine Silver Swift, Feast of Ashes, Cacophony of Secrets, Killbox-rhya, Steals the Mooon, Returns the Faith, and myself have all actively worked to track down leads, seek the guidance of the spirits, and help to organize our response as best as possible. Others have also done so, and we thank them for it.

As it stands now, groups will be formed for the defense of locations which we believe Nightmaster will send his minions to attack. This includes such places as the Citadel of Helios, such are the potential stakes of this event. The distribution of packs and Garou, as well as our allies among the Corax, will be determined based on the numbers we have and the most up to date information our scouts are able to obtain.

Should you wish to stand with us, and your Septs can spare you from whatever duties you may have, I direct you to speak with any of the Garou I have mentioned above from across the Tribes. Also we have begun to communicate via spirits specifically on this topic and the messenger which brings this to you has the means by which to join.
In Gaia's service,

King Victor DawncrownSovereign of House WyrmfoeAthro of the First Tribe, born of woman beneath the Full MoonAlpha of the Sept of the Eagle's Talons and Excelsior, under the patronage of EagleBearer of Star-of-Morning, Grand Klaive of the Dawncrown LineMaster of Seold Klaviscar

Dietrich Von Stauffel
"Judges Harshly", Pure Breed: x2
Forseti of the Fenrir
Adren of the Garou Nation.

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A Messenger Spirit 3/8/15
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