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 OOC Part of the Message on the Bawn 3/8/15

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Dietrich Von Stauffel


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PostSubject: OOC Part of the Message on the Bawn 3/8/15   Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:29 pm

This is being run as a proxy via the office of the aNST Apocalypse. ?Proxy submissions are due by March 14th, although no lock will occur until the event on the 20th. ?
Please send these proxies to the aNST (anst.garou@mindseyesociety.org)?and David Merriam at (tribelead.bonegnawers@gmail.com). ?Please also ask to be added to the google group, Defense of Helios.
In addition if you could fill out the below form it will make the logistics much easier for us to plan. ?Thanks everyone! ?
Nightmaster Proxy Form
And thanks to those making this happen at all levels.

Scott C.US2002066251

Dietrich Von Stauffel
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OOC Part of the Message on the Bawn 3/8/15
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