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 Tribe Leads are Up

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Dietrich Von Stauffel


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PostSubject: Tribe Leads are Up   Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:41 am

Hello, Apocalypse players,

I am proud to announce your MES National Silver Pack (formerly known as Tribe Leads):

ANST Apocalypse - David Doherty
Chief of Staff - David Merriam
Project Manager - Josh Teitelbaum
Black Fury - Joanna Hammerschmidt
Bone Gnawers - David Merriam
Children of Gaia - Christie Craig
Fianna - Vic Cross
Get of Fenris - Tori Hendricks
Glass Walkers - Phil Wallace
Red Talons - Trey Holliday
Shadowlords - Woody Purdy
Silent Striders - Brian Murphy
Silver Fangs - Heather Bradstreet
Stargazers - Jason Rummel
Uktena - Dave Eccles
Wendigo - Dave Eccles
Fera - James Brittain

Dietrich Von Stauffel
"Judges Harshly", Pure Breed: x2
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Tribe Leads are Up
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