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 The Umbra, near Salamanca, 9/27

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The Umbra, near Salamanca, 9/27 Empty
PostSubject: The Umbra, near Salamanca, 9/27   The Umbra, near Salamanca, 9/27 EmptySun Sep 27, 2015 10:23 pm

In the Umbra, James Redleaf watches the shadow creep across the surface of the moon gravely. As the eclipse begins, he, in turn begins his ritual...a mixture of Bastet and Akwesasne, an invocation to the Moon and She who dwells there.

<< O Lady who guides our step in the dark, hear my call,
Turn not your face from us,
Leave us not to wander in the darkness
We call to you, Mother Moon,
Grant us your light and your love! >>

As the last sliver of light vanishes, Redleaf suppresses a shiver. His voice continues, strong and steady.

<< We sing your praises, Silver Lady,
Eye of the Night, Jewel of the Stars' Crown,
We turn our faces to you in longing,
We trust that you will guide us through shadow
And our footsteps will not falter. >>

As he chants, Redleaf burns incense, wafting it across a still pool of water positioned to catch the moon's reflection. Into the smoke of the incense, he pours his Gnosis, an offering to She whom he reveres above all others.

<< In the darkness, you are the light,
In despair, you are hope,
You are serenity in the wind-tossed storm,
You are change, and you are unchanging
O source of mystery, we sing your praise. >>

The ritual continues, and Redleaf waits...for what, he does not know.
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The Umbra, near Salamanca, 9/27
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