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 Sigrid Ulvkrigers Story

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**Erikson sits with some of the young kin telling stories**

This is the story of Sigrid Ulvkriger, Honors-Her-Family-Name, and how she earned her deed name.

Sigrid was born to Tor Ulvkriger and his wife in Norway around the time the Second World War was beginning. She was one of three fraternal Garou triplets, all born under the full moon, the blood of the Fenrir coursing through their veins.

Tor Ulvkriger was the Alpha of their pack, and he fought alongside the greatest warriors of their Sept against the tyranny of the Nazis (despite the neutrality of their countrymen), whose agenda only fed the Wyrm's appetite for wanton destruction. Sigrid and her sisters were too young to join the war, so they stayed in the Caern with the Cubs of other packs.

Sigrid's father died valiantly in battle, and only half of their pack that had gone with him returned. After they mourned the loss of their Alpha and their pack mates, the pack had to choose a new Alpha. Sigrid stepped forward to challenge for her Father's place, but the protests she heard were not because she was too young, but because she was a woman. This fueled her rage, but she stood by as two men fought on the Challenge Mound, and one emerged victorious. His name was Einar Utstøtt, a Bone Gnawer Philodox.

Under Einar's leadership the belittling of women continued. Sigrid and her sisters were denied the right to speak at pack meetings or Moots. Their challenges were denied. They were left to babysit the Caern while the others went out to fight the Wyrm. The Ulvkriger sisters were tired of being herded like sheep and ordered about like servants. They would not tolerate this treatment. Not the daughters of the Alpha; not daughters of Fenris. They even started seeing the same injustice in other packs in the Sept. No more would they stand idly by.

The Ulvkriger sisters left their family's pack, as much as it pained them, because even years later they were not allowed to challenge the Alpha. They formed a new pack called The Wings of Rage in honor of Brynhilde Wings-of-Fury and her pack the Valkyries. They brought with them the female members of their birth pack, and female Garou who were being oppressed in their own packs. Sigrid and one of her two sisters challenged each other for the rank of Alpha.

The battle was long and close. The triplets shared their Alpha father's blood and had been together since the womb. They knew each other well and their fighting styles were similar: no dirty tricks, just strategic combat and strength against strength. Those who watched were impressed by the skill they both showed. The sisters were blow for blow until finally... Sigrid drew first blood on her sister as she just barely dodged an attack that could have cost her the match, but she emerged victorious. Sigrid Ulvkriger earned her place as Alpha of The Wings of Rage, and the Sept had seen she was a fine young Modi. Her sister became Beta, and the pack was strong.

After seeing what the Ulvkrigers were capable of, their old pack mates wanted to join them and leave Einar behind. Sigrid declined, however. Brynhilde's pack was only women, and in her honor The Wings of Rage would follow that tradition. They honored the camp of the Valkyria of Freya, and they did not allow themselves to be called 'inferior' or 'weaker sex' by any man. They did not entreat the Sept to change their sexist ways; they proved those ways to be wrong and counter-productive to the fight against the Wyrm. The loss of three pure bred Fenrir Modi left the old pack much weaker, and it showed over time.

Wings of Rage proved a formidable pack, and Sigrid a sound leader, if not a bit hot-headed and reckless in her young age. All of the pack was young though, and their rage burned like Helios, fueled by the solidarity of their sisterhood. No one dared tell them not to speak at Moots. No one dared bar them from leaving the Caern.

Their old pack mates approached them again, once more asking to be one pack. Einar was becoming intolerable not only to women, but anyone who spoke against him. He was unusually harsh to the Get and their Kinfolk, and he was no longer a wise leader. He was blinded by his jealousy of The Wings of Rage's success, and his hatred for being proven wrong. Sigrid decided to challenge Einar for her birthright as the Alpha of her father's pack.

She challenged him at a Moot in front of the whole Sept, but Einar refused, again stating that a woman would not be Alpha of his pack. But the Alpha of the Sept overruled him, stating that the claim was legitimate and Sigrid had been a good and faithful Alpha of her own pack for some time now. With no legitimacy for his argument, Einar begrudgingly accepted the challenge, which commenced during the Moot.

The fight did not last as long as Sigrid and her sister's did. She overpowered the misogynistic Philodox very quickly, and just as she was about to land the blow to draw first blood... Einar surrendered! He cowered under the impending might of her blade and forfeited the match. The idea of losing a fair match to a young girl (though she had grown into a strong, handsome woman by now) was so intolerable to him, that he stopped her before she could draw blood on him. Sigrid had won, and taken her father's place as Alpha of her birth pack, bringing the Valkyria of The Wings of Rage with her and disbanding the sister pack as they rejoined as one family. She brought honor to the name of Ulvkriger, and Einar brought shame on the house of Utstøtt.

In his disgrace, Einar left the Sept. Rumors spread that he had become a Ronin... but that is a story for another day.

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Sigrid Ulvkrigers Story
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