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 A Falcon Spirt arives in the Umbra of Falling Waters and screaches for attention

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A Falcon Spirt arives in the Umbra of Falling Waters and screaches for attention Empty
PostSubject: A Falcon Spirt arives in the Umbra of Falling Waters and screaches for attention   A Falcon Spirt arives in the Umbra of Falling Waters and screaches for attention EmptySun Nov 22, 2015 12:53 am

"delivered via a swift spirit of Falcon's Brood"
The Falcon will wait until a few have gathered

Warriors of Gaia,

As you may have gathered from the various messages which have been sent in
the past few days, events surrounding one of our Nation's enemies have
begun to come to a head. Events which will affect us all. The leaders of
the Garou, across lines of Tribe, Auspice, and Sept have been sharing what
we know, gathering further information, and starting to put together plans
for how we as a people will come together to meet this threat which hangs
over us all.

Despite setbacks suffered in many places thanks to the brave actions of the
Garou and our allies, the Nightmaster is driving forward with his plans.
His lesser servants gather in dark places, while his chosen instrument, the
shadow of Anthelios, continues to attack and destroy our sacred places. His
goal is power, the power to end all light and life across the face of the
Mother and beyond. And is undeterred by any losses to date.

The time will come soon when the call will go out for packs to answer a
summons to direct the fight to our enemy. When that happens, the Elders and
leaders of the Nation expect it to be answered by all who are able. This is
a threat to the entire Nation that must be answered swiftly and
immediately. There will be no time for cowards or excuses. The packs must
answer and be prepared to listen to the orders of the alphas, and act upon
them. Those who do will earn glory, and be among those who count
themselves true Garou.

To that end, Alphas of the Nation's Septs, you are to begin preparations
for that day. To ensure that your supplies are prepared not only for
yourselves but to aid your brothers and sisters who might need it. To
determine which of your packs you can spare and which must remain to
fulfill the Litany's requirement that we protect our Caerns. To train your
Garou to fight against this shadowy enemy. To challenge one another
honorably, so that the best of us will rise and others will learn from that
example. As the leader of a Sept myself, I will be taking these steps in
short order. The various packs and Septs of the Nation have an opportunity
to work together as we have not done since the war against the tainted
Ratkin or the dousing of the Red Star. We will organize and ask each to
give an accounting so that when plans are made, they aren't done with vague
ideas of numbers and strength.

As for the leaders of the Nation, we will continue to pass on what we have
learned, to give you all the best information we have on how and where to
destroy Nightmaster's servants. In greater detail than in the past, and
providing those who wish direction with what we can. Others will no doubt
follow my words shortly with more specifics. If any of you learn something
of value, or encounter something out of the ordinary, which you believe has
bearing on the Nightmaster, Anthelios, or their servants, please pass it
along as quickly as possible. Visions, meetings with spirits, the scene of
an extraordinary event...these could all be a vital piece of information we

The Nation is at war with an enemy that has no pity, no mercy, and no soul.
We are fortunate that this is precisely the type of foe we were born to
face. I have seen the younger generation of Garou rise up to perform
amazing deeds when those who came before set out to protect Gaia and we
were forced to fend for ourselves. It will be our turn soon to do likewise,
and we are so much stronger now than before. I know we will live up to
their example and more.

Rise and Forward,

Victor Dawncrown
Elder Silver Fang Ahroun
King of House Wyrmfoe
Alpha of the Sept of the Eagle's Talons and the Excelsior Pack
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A Falcon Spirt arives in the Umbra of Falling Waters and screaches for attention
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