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 Carried by a Spirit of Falcon

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PostSubject: Carried by a Spirit of Falcon   Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:51 am

(OOC: Fowarding this in case people aren't on the main list)

Garou of the Nation,

Information has been brought forward shedding more light on what is
happening with the powerful spirit Anthelios, who until recently was
enslaved to the defeated traitor Nightmaster. We know that this enemy fled
the assault on the Elkwater Citadel, part of the final lock to breaking
open the fortress so the Enemy could be destroyed. From what has been
gathered, it now seeks to launch an attack on the place where our stories
are made manifest. Its ultimate goal is to consume the power of those
stories, ending the Nation which has twice driven it back in defeat, and
empowering itself to become something even more dangerous.

We know that Anthelios attempted to destroy the Sept of Falling Waters, in
retaliation against Grandfather Thunder's chosen, by annihilating the Caern
and its patron spirit, The Maiden of the Mists. In this it was only
partially successful. The actions of the Sept and the Maiden were enough to
badly wound Anthelios and drive him into hiding, though the Caern and
Maiden were lost in the process. From there it the spirit had fled to the
Umbra. We've now learned that Anthelios waits upon the boundary of the
Legendary Realm, attempting to break apart the songs and stories in order
to destroy that place. Emma Bailey of the Silicon Sentinels and Specter's
Flight of the Corax bravely gave us this knowledge and continue to work
against the enemy. More information is being collected as I compose this
message to be shared among the Septs and Packs of the Nation. I will ask
the following of those who hear these words:

Firstly, if as many Septs across the Nation which are able can hold a
gathering on one the nights of the waxing Gibbous Moon, during the month of
April, where they focus on sharing the stories of our people, it would be a
solid first step to aiding against the enemy that seeks to consume our
past. This could be done when holding a Moot where the focus would be
especially on the legends and recording of our past and present,
accomplished by giving greater weight to the stories and songs portion of
the Rite. Three nights of Garou across the world giving voice to those
tales would be a powerful thing, as it is the living history of which we
are all a part. The Galliards of the Nation will be speaking among
themselves as to how best to accomplish and keep track of this feat. One of
our greatest resources in the fight against an enemy which seeks to unmake
our history must be protected and empowered against it. If your Sept has
the capacity to do this, it can only strengthen our cause. Passing on our
knowledge, preserving it in fetishes of memory, or other methods are also
possibilities to explore according to each Sept's means. Realizing time is
short to prepare for these gatherings, I ask each Sept to pass the stories
from their gatherings and any Moots they hold among the talesingers of the

Second, any key knowledge about the Legendary Realm itself, about our enemy
Anthelios, or how we might defeat it is of great importance to us now. I'll
ask that those who feel they have pertinent knowledge pass it to their
Alphas and leaders so that it can be added to what we know, looked into
further, and to prevent numerous confusing messages from all across our
networks leading to us losing something vital in the noise. But I ask that
Garou not take rash action without first consulting with their Alphas and
the leadership of the Nation. We do not want to cause needless risk that
might give our enemy an advantage, or to work at cross purposes or
duplicate efforts.

Thirdly, the wisest Theurges of the Nation believe that travel to the
Legendary Realm may likely be necessary to defeat Anthelios. And that the
Anchorhead which it used to travel towards that Realm may be our best
chance to likewise do so when the time comes. That is the present theory,
given what we have learned to this point. We know for a fact that our
enemies among the Wyrm's forces are aware of this situation and will
attempt to combat us. As such a call will be going out shortly in the
coming days for those who are able to stand against this threat and protect
the Legendary Realm, our Ancestors, and the essence of our people. What
further details we have at that point will be shared.

In Service to Gaia,

Victor Dawncrown
Elder Silver Fang Ahroun
Sovereign of House Wyrmfoe
Alpha of the Sept of the Eagle's Talons
and the Excelsior Pack, thrice sworn to Eagle
Bearer of the Grand Klaive Star-of-Morning


Scott C.
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Speaks with Gaia's Voice

Speaks with Gaia's Voice

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PostSubject: Re: Carried by a Spirit of Falcon   Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:09 am

"I volunteer to help in anyway!" Snow stands up.

She has two small horns.
Fresh burn on her left arm (July 2015) battle scar
Left hand missing all fingers but her middle and thumb (February 2016) battle scar

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Carried by a Spirit of Falcon
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