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Here there be Werewolves
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 Local legends and lores

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PostSubject: Local legends and lores   Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:44 am

Erikson sits among piles of yellow parchment, glyphs carved into wood, leathers and bits of rusty armor searching for mentions of names or descriptions of spirits be them ally or enemy. He quickly scribes a message on a bit of scroll and sends it off with a kinfolk to Liam.

"Liam i request your aid in the matters of research for the cearn, two heads may be better then one and we have little time remaining. Come to my compound at your earliest convenience if you wish to delve into lores to find spirits that will aid us in our battle"

William Erikson Howls the nights fury Sings the Old Ways Herald of Fog Skáldskapar Mjaðar (Mead of Poetry)
Skald of the Fenrir
Athro of the Nation
Beta of Weregild
Born on two legs
Fenrir purebred 1
The tip of his beard Golden like a lion
Left side of his face covered with large scars

Alex Vanderpoel
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Local legends and lores
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