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 New Spirit Guide / Grandfather period for Spirit Affinity.

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PostSubject: New Spirit Guide / Grandfather period for Spirit Affinity.   Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:00 am


And here we are. New genre guide for Spirit is now up. Sorry for the stalling. Spirit Affinity is a background that runs from 1-5. There are fourteen types of Affinity/Notoriety, one for each of the Tribal Broods and Universal (which will be very tough to get). These function as backgrounds, though they can go into the negative as well.

***As this is a background, all dots can be purchases through XP at creation (up to two for Low approval, and/or earned through RP. Keep in mind that even if you buy the dots, you can still lose them through RP and your points will not be refunded. I will allow folks through to the start of the March 2014 session to purchase dots with XP, after this window closes, this background may only be bought at creation or earned through RP.**

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New Spirit Guide / Grandfather period for Spirit Affinity.
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