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 Spirit Keeper stuff

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Spirit Keeper stuff Empty
PostSubject: Spirit Keeper stuff   Spirit Keeper stuff EmptyThu Jun 25, 2015 8:39 pm

Heya, folks.

Well, I got hit over the head, everything went all blurry, and when I woke up, I was Spirit Keeper.

Now, with the probable disappearance of Affinity and Notoriety, that job has at once become simpler and more complicated. I don't have to keep track of numbers, but I DO need to keep track of who's on the naughty list and who's on the nice list.

That being the case, here's what I'm going to ask from all of you: if you would, please drop me a message, either on Facebook or here, with a quick summary of your character's spiritual doings and any significant spiritual relationships you've developed.

This doesn't have to be super long and super detailed. It's also not absolutely mandatory--but if you don't let me know that your Bone Gnawer has done all kinds of awesome stuff for Owl and Owl gave you a secret decoder ring and declared you her BFF, please don't be surprised when Owl treats you as just another Bone Gnawer in-game. I'm going to included notes on the spiritual interactions I'm aware of, but a LOT has happened in this game, spiritually speaking, and I don't know close to all of it at the moment.
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Spirit Keeper stuff
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